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“Au pairing was really a lovely experience - I’m so glad I did it! My family couldn’t have
been more welcoming, and Kanga Pairs from the outset made sure that I felt at ease. 
I was very happy indeed with my interaction with Kanga Pairs, and would definitely
recommend it to my friends! Many thanks for everything!”
JP, Sussex

“I had such a good time, the family were so nice and kind to me. 
 The overall experience definitely helped improve my Spanish. I would love to do it again. “
JR, Sommerset

“I had an amazing time in Spain. It was such a great experience. I was very nervous to be
going away from home for 5 weeks for the first time but I was made to feel like part of the
family while I was over there and they really looked after me. I loved working with the
children and seeing the Spanish way of life and trying all the amazing food. I had such
a fantastic time that I would love to go back again next year and maybe stay for a whole
year. I would definitely recommend this opportunity to anyone that loves travelling and
working with children! “
OT, Sussex

“It has been a very positive and enriching experience for the child and for the rest of the
family. We will repeat next year!”
LL, Valencia

“… a great experience au pairing in Valencia - the sights are beautiful, with many
opportunities to soak up the culture, and working with children is very rewarding.”
GS, Surrey

“I enjoyed the homestay with a family in Valencia this summer.  My friend was placed
with another family nearby so we could see each other sometimes.  Listening and speaking
Spanish has made me feel more confident about taking my GCSE Spanish.”
PT, Exeter

“Kanga Pairs’ service was personalised and efficient.  There is a good system in place to
ensure that students are looked after and can contact Kanga Pairs representatives in Spain
or England if they need to when they are away.  An excellent way to improve language skills.”
JT, Devon  

“Overall my time as an au-pair was very good ….the family was very kind and accommodating.
It was nice that Kanga Pairs informed us of people who were going at the same time so we
could get in touch. I think Kanga Pairs were very good at matching me with a suitable family.”
SK, Surrey

“To have our au pair in our house has been a great pleasure. She was very kind and cheerful
with my daughters and the rest of the family. It has been a real pleasure to meet her. This
au pair experience has been great in many ways. The whole family have improved our accent
and our speaking English. For children it is great because they learn many things about
the au pair’s country and her way of life. I really recommend it to anyone.”
AR, Valencia