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About Us

Kanga Pairs offers enrichment and cultural interchange opportunities in Spain and UK - originally an interchange between Valencia and Sussex/Surrey (where we are based) but also reaching other areas.

Kanga Pairs
is linked to the long-established and well-respected BSO recognized school, Cambridge House Community College
 a British school based in the city of Valencia, Spain. Please visit the school website (see below) for more information about studying in Spain, school exchanges and more.

Kanga Pairs
offers caring and personalised support and matching services for each interchange.  We make it our business to get to know the individual/family we are matching, thus removing much of the unknown from the experience.

And finally, in case you may be wondering the reason for the kangaroo logo.   Well, there's no connection with Australia!  Kangaroo translated into Spanish is 'canguro' which is also the word for someone who looks after children or babysits.  A child-friendly image for the au pairing side of Kanga Pairs
which is where we started.


Cambridge House Community College

calle Profesorado Español, 1
46111 Rocafort
Valencia, España
tel: +34 96 390 5019
email: recepcion@cambridgehouse.es